Business Analysis

You can't really solve the problem if you can't understand the problem. Cardinal Programming Solutions has experienced Business Analysts who can engage your personnel in meaningful discussions about your business and document your existing business processes. From this, they can provide solid technical requirements and analyses that can be used by our engineers and programmers to design the best solution for your needs.

Content Management

We have extensive experience in providing structure to unstructured data. We can provide you with a content management system or help you customize or administer your current system. We can also provide custom solutions to leverage your content management system to drive your business processes and increase the value of your business.

Custom Solutions

Off the shelf solutions are nice, but every enterprise is different- sometimes what you need to fit your process's round hole is not available because the market just has square pegs. Cardinal Programming Solutions can craft you a custom software solution that meets your business needs. We don't look to change your business processes to fit the sofware, we work to make the software fit your processes and improve them- because this is where your business value increases.